Hair Miracle

Hello lovelies.
I am so excited to be sharing today's post with you!! Today is all about hair and caring for your hair! If you have followed me for awhile now or if you are a new follower, or if you just happen to stumble upon this post, then you will know that taking care of my hair is kind of a huge priority to me!! I must say that I love my hair and I want to make sure and do everything I can to give it the "t.l.c." it needs so that it can be as healthy as possible.

For me, my hair has kind of become my playground when it comes to experimenting and trying out different styles and colors. Whether it be bangs, topknots, beach curls, tight curls, dramatic curls, half pony, wavy curls, the side part, or princess leia buns....I have styled my hair in many, many ways and it will be something I continue to do because I love it! I love the way that your hair can change an outfit, a mood, and a look. I also have experimented with coloring my hair from dark to light, light to dark, and have even thrown some pink in there!
So, what I am getting at is hair has been through the ringer! Styling, heat, color changes, and more styling can take its toll on my hair when it comes to it's health and shine. So about a month ago I had the opportunity to try the new line called Keraphix from Nexxus and let me tell you that this line of hair care is absolutely fantastic and has done wonders when it comes to my hair!! It will be launching in January, but right now you can go sign up for the product waiting list here. And though January may seem far away, believe me that this is worth the wait!!

 Let me give you a little background on the line... Nexxus scientists set out to create a product that could help heal damaged hair and help restore its health. In this process, they found that Black Rice (a storied secret of ancient China) was one of the richest sources of Glutamic Acid in nature-- the key protein that you lose when damaging your hair. When they combined it with the Keraphix protein and other nutrients, they were able to develop their most powerful repair solution to date!

The process in using this healing system from Nexxus is quite simple. Let me walk you through what I have been doing.

All in all, it is such a simple 4 step process and the benefits and positive results I have seen in my hair are amazing! My hair looks and feels healthier, stronger, and more refreshed than ever. The proteins and "life" in my hair is back and restored and I can tell in both the feel and shine. I am so excited because in teaming up with Nexxus I have seen the results of using their product are real! Using their products will indeed strengthen and restore health to your hair, I know that from experience! Your hair will be thanking you all year!

So head to now and get on that list!!

*Thanks to Nexxus for sponsoring this post!