Hey gang.
So, I have a question for you that I would love to pose and have each of you reading this take a minute and sincerely ponder this question in your mind. The question is this...if you could only shop at one store (for clothing, shoes, accessories, etc) for the rest of your life, whether it be online or in-store, or both, what would it be? And why? Think about that, and think about what your answer would be. For me, the answer came swiftly and easily. Nordstrom.

Now, here is why:

1. Their selection of brands and products is unmatched in my opinion. From high-end price points to more affordable pieces, they have the brands and pieces that are on point with current trends, and they carry an amazingly wide range of styles. Whether it be casual, formal, athleisure, or fancy that you are looking for, Nordstrom is certain to have options for it.

2. Their customer service and return policy. They make it so easy and convenient on you as their customer, that it becomes a no brain decision to shop with them. I seriously love it, and there is such a peace of mind that comes with knowing what I am going to get whether I am in-store or online, I know the service and care I am going to get with Nordstrom is first-class.

3. Reasons 1 and 2, over and over again.

One of my favorite things to do when shopping at Nordstrom is to take current pieces that are on point with the current trends, such as the top, jacket, booties, and jeans I am wearing in today's post, and make them my own by adapting them and styling them in a manner that is true to me. I love taking pieces that I love, like the ones in this post, and create and style a look that completely fits me and what my style is all about. I feel like that is what I accomplished with this look and love knowing that this is something I can and will wear over and over again, because it just fits me and who I am.

So, moral of the story, if you are having a hard time nailing down that store that would be your lifeline, the one you would only shop at for the rest of your life (hypothetically of course), take a minute to consider Nordstrom. They it all. I hope you guys like the way I styled the look below, leave any questions or comments you have below! Many thanks to all of you for following! Have a wonderful day!

*Thank you Nordstrom and Rewardstyle for sponsoring this post.