The Stay

Happy Friday gang! Holiday season is in full force and let's just say it got pretty much freezing over night here in Utah! For those of you that are still enjoying a warm climate as we dive into December, count your freaking blessings haha! Jk jk, well sort of. So, I don't love the cold and I don't necessarily love the snow, it's beautiful and all but driving in it is a nightmare, and I don't really ski, so my love for the snow is very much limited. Having said that, I love the holidays! I love Christmas and what it's all about and I love the spirit and love that is felt this time of year! I especially love being able to spend more quality time with my family and friends at parties and get-togethers. It's hard to beat Christmas time with the family, it might be one of my favorite experiences of the year...the love, laughs, and quality time with those you love is irreplaceable!! I hope each of you is enjoying your holiday season so far, and spending it with those you love, and feeling of that great spirit of the season!!

Today I am taking it back to Brod and I's quick 48 hr trip to NYC. We love New York and always look forward to spending time there and seeing the sights, meeting with the people there, and taking in the unique sounds of New York. It is one of our favorite cities in the world and we always leave there feeling more motivated to more fully chase the dreams we have and to grind harder! There is something about that city that drives you to work harder, be better, and live more! I love it! For this particular trip we stayed at the Gansevoort hotel in Manhattan and the views and space was fantastic. Brod and I headed up to their lounge/bar  area whenever we had breaks from meetings and it was the perfect little space to recharge and rejuvenate. It's crazy to me how much a space can change and influence your mood, based on your love or dislike for it!! This particular space is one of my favs and always put Brod and I in a great mood as we met up there!! Any how, I am going to make this one quick today, happy weekend to each of you! Thanks for following! I love you all!!

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