Closing the week in Camo

Hello loves.
First week in 2018 is almost gone. In a flash, seriously. Like maybe one of the fastest weeks on record.
So, it's Friday or as the cool kids say, "Friyay," just kidding I don't know if they say that but I have heard that.
My look for today. Camo bomber. Jeans. Comfy grey sweater. Thigh-high boots. Need I say more?! I mean I feel like this is a fantastic look to bring the first week of 2018 to a close! It's comfy, stylish, a great mix of casual yet formal, and keeps the neutral and classic colors, while doing so with a little flare (the camo). Any who, I hope you dig it, because I definitely do! You can find the jacket and sweater at my shop, here and here, and the jeans and boots are linked below so check them out! I hope you all had a wonderful week and are feeling refreshed and excited for this new year to come! Choose to make today great, enjoy the moments, get rid of any hard feelings, and love life and those in it! Thanks for following, I appreciate and love you all!

boots (on sale)