Skincare resolutions for the new year!

Hey gang. It's a new day, and a new year. Fresh starts, new goals, new dreams, new beginnings. I love it, and there is such an energy of optimism and hope for the future that seems to permeate the air as we head into a new year. To me, its a time to reflect on our past year's experiences and really hone in on what we have learned and then to look forward to doing better and living better than we have before, because we can.

Part of the new year is making decisions on changes/adjustments that we will make to our daily routine, and I am excited to be teaming up with Supergoop! to discuss an adjustment that I have made to my daily skincare routine recently and will be continuing as we move into the new year! So, when it comes to skincare, daily SPF is probably the single greatest thing you can do for your skin (90% of aging signs on the skin come from the sun). Well, with Supergoop!, now applying that daily SPF has become easy. Their new product, Unseen Sunscreen, is a daily SPF 40 that basically protects your skin everything including UVA, UVB, blue light and infrared light. This magic formula is oil free, weightless, colorless, and when applied leaves no shine, so that your skin is left with a powdery, velvet finish perfect for applying your makeup. All you have to do is apply a dime size amount as the last step in your skincare routine before applying your makeup. How easy and awesome is that?!
It works on all skin tones and is made for everyone, and has simplified the process in applying a daily go-to sunscreen.

As you can see below, I have added this Unseen Sunscreen to my daily routine and have loved how it feels (or doesn't feel seeing as it is pretty much undetectable!) on my skin. Knowing that I am adding that extra protection against the sun and other harmful lights/rays for my skin on a daily basis, while still being able to go about the rest of my makeup and skincare routine is so huge for me! Supergoop! has some other great products that I have linked below, all designed with daily sunscreen and protection for your skin in mind. Products like the Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50 and the Invincible Setting Powder SPF 45 are just a couple that help you refresh and reapply your SPF on a daily!

I have always been very conscious and aware of the importance of protecting my skin against the sun, and I am so excited to now have a product like Unseen Sunscreen that makes it so easy to add that step to my daily skincare routine. Check it out here and go out and live and enjoy the sunshine, but first, sunscreen.
Thanks for following! I hope you all have a great day!!

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