So Many Go To's

Hey ya'll. 2018 is here and I am loving it. Happy hump-day to each of you and I hope this post finds you healthy and well!!

I have loved reflecting on the past year and then taking the time to ponder and write down the goals, and dreams, experiences, improvements, mistakes, and moments that I want to make happen this upcoming year. It's crazy to me, as I think about what I really value and what matters most to me, it's not the blog, or the shop, or business or fashion or travel or fitness or any of that. It's my family, it's the connections I make with others, it's touching others lives for the good, and it's making the most of each day. It's health and it's strength. It's my faith. I hope that each of you have had the opportunity to sit and reflect and ponder and think about what you value, what matters to you and yours, and what action you can take to be better than you were before. If you haven't had the chance to do that, my advice would be do it! Don't wait, do it! You will come out with a clearer picture and understanding of who you were, who you are, and who you want to be moving forward. Ok, enough of my preaching, but I thought it was important to share that because it really hit me as we start this fresh new year.

On to today's I took a more dressed up type of look, with the pants, boots, and jacket (recently launched at caralorenshop...go get it!) and then all of a sudden threw in an accessory that is not so dressy, being a dad hat (also found at shop). Normally one might think (and maybe some of you still think this)...hold up...wait a can't do that! Those two things don't go together, most of your look is more dressy than casual and now you top of the look with a hat!! Wait just a minute! Well, if you are thinking that, then this look on today's post is probably not for you...but for some reason, this look just works for me. I can't put my finger on it, and I know that 7-8 times of ten this would be a fashion no-no. But this one, it works. The combo works for me, I dig it, I feel good in it, and I feel like it's a clashing of casual and dressy worlds that magically comes out looking great! Thoughts? Do you agree? Disagree? I would love to hear, I would also love to hear or see other ideas regarding looks like this one. Looks that seem to go against what would normally be fashionable, and yet somehow they turn out wonderful. Talk to me, via here on the blog, on the gram, or anywhere else! I hope you all have a fantastic day!!

pants (on sale! and also in this color)