Green is Always A Good Idea

Happy Friyay ya'll!! The weekend is here and for met, this is one of those weeks that flew by! Time is so weird like one week, time seems to be going in slow motion and then the next week, everything is a blur because the week went by so fast. Anyone else ever feel like that? I have come to the conclusion that time is one of those concepts in life that I won't ever fully understand or comprehend.
Any who, on to today's look, and to start I have a question for you? Do you have a go-to color that is not black or white? Let me elaborate, so I love to wear black and white (black in particular), but outside of those colors, there is another color that I often gravitate to, and I'm curious if any of you do the same. If you do, leave a comment below and tell me which color it is.

As for me, the color I tend to gravitate to a lot is green. In particular, a forest or army green. I don't know why really but I do. It seems to match well with most of my wardrobe and there is a classic feel to it for some reason. For my green fix in today's look, I went with one of my favorite jackets from the shop. I love that this jacket can pair well with a casual look or could be dressed up with a more formal look. It's not a basic but it feels like one because it matches and complements so well with other pieces. The details are in the flaps and buttons and it works for both a fall or spring jacket, or in if you experience a mild winter like we are here, it works great for that too! Check it out here, and I hope each of you have a wonderful weekend! Spend time with those you love, chase your dreams, be kind, and stay safe! I love you all!!

shoes (all white here)