That pre/post workout routine

Hey gang,

So working out has become part of my daily regimen, routine, habit, schedule...whatever you want to call it, it has become something that I do and do it consistently each day. Well, having a daily workout routine means that I also have a daily pre-workout and post-workout routine. Part of this routine includes my favorite people in the boys! As much as I may love sticking to a schedule and having an organized plan each day, let's just say that Hanes and Arrow don't. They move and shake and rock and roll with each new minute of each day and it is one of things I love so much about them! So, part of my pre/post workout routine is hanging and playing with my guys! This is easily my favorite part of that routine and one that is always filled with surprises.
Another part of my pre and post-workout routine is applying a touch of makeup that I know isn't too heavy, but is also not too light, something that can be used as a touch up and keep me looking fresh throughout and after my workout. I found a winner in Clinique Fit's pre/post workout products. In particular their workout makeup and workout mascara. The makeup is lightweight, sweat and humidity proof and won't cause breakouts our clog pores. This is just what I need in a makeup for the type of active lifestyle I live. What I probably love most about Clinique Fit is that it isn't too time consuming to apply, it requires no re-application after my workout and will last me throughout the entire day! This means more time with my hubby and boys which is all I want!! Clinique Fit has other workout products as well... a moisturizer, hydrating spray, cleansing wipes, and a face powder. If you are looking for workout-centered products to add to and bring value to your pre-workout and post-workout routine, I would recommend Clinique Fit all day, everyday! It can be found exclusively at Ulta right now so check it out!
In the meantime, may I suggest spending part of your pre-workout and post-workout with those you love, doing nothing, or doing anything! Just being with them ya know?! Time with my dudes is the best part of my pre/post workout regimen. And I don't see that ever changing. Thanks for following, I love all of ya'll!

Thank you to Clinique Fit for sponsoring this post!