Skin care: Travel prep with Paula's Choice

Hello loves.
I hope this post finds each of you happy and well. Ok, so here is the thing...Brod, the boys, and I travel quite a bit. Whether it be for work or for play, or lots of times both of those, we find ourselves out exploring this amazing world quite often. And as much as we love travel, there is one can be rough and wearing on your skin. Airplanes, losing sleep, town to town, city to city, and all the hustle and stress that can come from traveling can definitely take it's toll on your skin. And, as I have mentioned before, skin care is of huge importance to me, and I want to make sure I am doing anything I can to prep and take care of my skin before and after a trip. So, what to do? Well, introducing Paula's Choice. This brand of skin care is working wonders for me when it comes to skin prep for a vacation. Paula Begoun, the founder of Paula's Choice, has said that her only goal is to help us as customers find the best products for out skin, I absolutely love that because that is exactly what I am looking for when it comes to skin care. Paula's Choice has an array of products that are designed to help better your skin, from exfoliants to anti-aging boosters, to cleansers and antioxidant serums, let's just say that Paula's Choice runs the gamut when it comes to skin care products. I have loved using them to prepare, cleanse, and strengthen my skin before leaving on a trip and exposing my skin to the rigors of travel. And so far, so good. I have noticed my skin feels brighter, cleaner, softer and smoother as I use these products both before we leave on a trip and when we return.
Before we leave on a trip, as part of my travel prep skin regimen. I make sure to use the Perfect Cleansing Oil, which removes all makeup and impurities from the night or day before, leaving my skin soft and smooth. My favorite product by Paula's Choice, and one I use as part of my travel prep is the Resist Omega + Complex Serum. This stuff is magic and is used after cleansing and exfoliating during my routine. It provides the skin with the nutrients it needs to protect against environmental damage, as well strengthening the skin's surface for healthier, more hydrated, and stronger skin.
Check them out when you get a chance, and like anything with skin care, tailor their products to what you need and what you specifically are looking for to care for your skin. Start with one or two products and test them out and see if they bring the results you are looking for. In the skin care world, you want to find products that you can be confident in buying and using. Whether it be finding products for a specific use (like me with travel skin care prep), or if you are looking for a daily/nightly skincare routine, Paula's Choice has options for you!

Thanks for following as we talked skin prep for travel today guys, I sincerely appreciate each one of you! I would love to hear the questions and comments you have in terms of skin care or specifically about my routine, so leave them below! Have a great day! I love you all!

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