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Monday, September 15, 2014


What color is your hair and how do you get it done?
I don't know the exact color of what my hair is because I get it professionally done. I know that the brand is matrix. We also do a toner on my hair after I get it colored because I like my hair more of an ashy color. The toner she uses is by Redkin and it is called Titanium. She foils my head to color it and I don't get the entire head colored every time to try to relieve it from some of the damage. I get it redone about every 11 weeks, I'm not afraid of a little grow out haha
p.s. use purple shampoo to keep your ashy color

Who does your eyelash extension? 
Her name is Jamie and she is amazing! Her number is 801-644-7232 and she is located in N. Ogden, UT.

What are your lipstick colors you normally wear?
RED: NYX (Pure Red)
RED: ULTA lip crayon (Dynamite)
ORANGE/RED: NYX (Indie Flick)
ORANGE/RED: Covergirl Flipstick Lipcolor (Stunner)
WINE: Revlon (Wine Not)
CORAL:  Revlon (Siren)
PINK: MAC (Candy Yum Yum)
PURPLE: MAC (Up The Amp)

What extensions do you wear?
Bellami Hair Extensions (22 in/ ash blonde) I used purple shampoo to get them ashy. Discount code: caraloren

What suggestions do you have for new bloggers?
I am no expert whatsoever, I am still in the new world myself. With that being said my one suggestion would be to be original, be yourself! No one wants to read a blog that they have seen everywhere else. Don't be afraid to try new things, some people may hate it but that's a risk you should be willing to take!

How do you sleep with your hair?
I either put a very loose scrunchy in it in a loose bun or just hang it over my on my pillow. No major tricks.

How do you not wash your hair for a few days with working out?
I think I have just gotten used to it. I pull my hair up when I work out so it doesn't get as greasy and then before i let it down spray a little dry shampoo or pat a little baby powder on it. My hair is so course that it doesn't show grease as often.

How tall are you?
 5' 6"

What camera do you use?
-Nikon body D300 with the Nikon AF-S 50 mm 1.4 
-For just a simple shoot for vaca's I usually use Nikon 1 (J1)

Where can I get your distressed Steve Madden boots that my hubs got me?
They are only sold at Steve Madden in City Creek. They are called the Brekk boot and you can call them and they can send you a pair. They fit true to size for me. 

How are your tights that thick?
This may seem crazy but you have to get your tights at least 300 den or like fleece lined. Also get them in a size bigger than you would think! I found mine at H&M and they were actually 400 DEN, yes believe it or not they are! I haven't tried these from ASOS but I think they would work!

How did you get your hair back blonde from being brunette?
My biggest tip is slowly and surely, don't fry your hair! It's not worth it haha It may be a little off from the color you are hoping at first but you will get there!

What size of freshly picked moccasins do you get for Hanes?
She has a size chart right here that helps so much because they don't run the same as normal shoes.


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  2. Where do you shop to find modest things? It can be so hard to stay modest and your input would be great!

  3. What brand of purple shampoo do you use and how often do you use it? My blond just doesn't stay ashy like I want it.

    1. Hi Kenzie! Just thought I'd tell ya that I watched a tutorial where she mentioned she just uses the basic cheap purple shampoo from Sally's. :o))

  4. You are such an inspiration to me and I am such a fashionista as you are. I was wondering what you do as a career and how you got so involved in fashion?

  5. Hi Cara! :-)

    Can you please share who set up your website design? I'm looking for someone to help me with my author website and I really love a lot of the elements of your design!<3

    Thank you so much!:-)

  6. Replies
    1. I would love to know that as well!

    2. octoberink.com these guys are sensational! They did an exact replica for http://carolinebergeriksen.no/ (I think Caroline had hers first) but I like Cara's attributes more.

  7. How are you able to balance your time between your blog and your cute, little family?

  8. You always look so beautiful! So does that mean your house is a disaster?? Lol!

  9. awsme blog

  10. Where in Utah do you get your hair done and extensions cut?

  11. can you do a tutorial on how you rip your old jeans to give them that distressed look? I'm so obsessed with yours!

  12. Do you still use the same camera?

  13. Hi Cara,

    What do you do to stay in shape? You look incredible! What dress size are you?

  14. What are some of your favorite maternity clothes? I can't seem to find anything that I can be comfortable in!

  15. What are some of your favorite maternity clothes? I can't seem to find anything that I can be comfortable in!

  16. Hi Cara, I was wondering where you get your hair done in SLC? I've been trying to find a place in Utah that can do a decent platinum blonde. Thanks!

  17. what purple shampoo do you use on your hair? I have tried a couple brands that don't seem to do the job

  18. How do you keep your hair so healthy looking while keeping it so blonde?

  19. Hi Cara, my name is Ella, I am such a CL fan! I design for Rad Swim, and was so excited when I saw you in our suit! I am wanting to have my own website/blog. I would love to have a fashion blog, but need some pointers! How to start up, who to talk to, bettering my social media.. Any advice would be so perfect!! You are so beautiful, and your little family couldn't be any cuter!

  20. Hey Cara -
    I've been looking for something like it, so I have to ask. Where did you get your grey dining bench in your dining room. I see it in your snapchats. :)

    Thanks, girl!

  21. Hi! I've been wanting to start blogging and such, but not sure how to start. Did you first start in youtube and gain fans from there? Instagram? Or did you just start your blog and then get fans from that?

  22. Can you do a post about your food regimine?!! What do you eat normally to stay so healthy and fit?

  23. what is the color of your bellami hair extension now ? do you still use ash blonde or no ?

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  25. What purple shampoo do you use? I've tried a couple but they don't seem to do as good of a job as I've hoped. Thanks!

  26. Also you look so amazing (your body is goals) and I was wondering how many calories you have in a day (if you even track calories) just wondering!

  27. Also what is your daily beauty routine?

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  31. Hi Cara I LOVE LOVE LOVE your eyelash extensions! i know you said who does them but is there a certain brand she uses for those that aren't located in Utah?!

  32. What kind of camera do you use for your pictures?